solving wealth and poverty
problems with clarity, simplicity
& honesty.

Who We Are

Famzhi Interbiz Limited was bore from the passion and zeal from the fear and service to God to make a difference within and outside the country by helping to eradicate poverty, affordable goods and services to make things easier for the human race.

Famzhi Interbiz Limited is a reputable fast-emerging conglomerate with well-motivated investors across the globe. We develop and manager diversified farmland protfolios for investors with top-notch excellence, simplicity and transparency.

Our Mission

Our mission is a global collaboration with investors in order to develop indigenous wealth through investment in any of our products and services. We do this, by harnessing and developing vast human, natural and material resources, thereby contributing our quota towards global wealth creation and eradication poverty.

Our Vision

We envision a Famzhi group having global recombination and one-stop industry of investors choice, where they can grow wealth with credible organization, operating indigenours businesses whilst complementing the global efforts in eradicating food insufficiency, housing deficit, unemployment, poverty and insecurity.


meet our people

we strongly believe that people are our greatest assets. we invest in our
people by passing through scheduled career-enhancement programs. this
way, we stay committed to serving you even much better


we offer several options
for your needs.

We constantly harness and develop vast human, natural and material resources, thereby contributing
our quota towards global wealth creation and poverty eradication.

Capital and Investment

We run one of the world's largest growing farms and provide our investors with due profits for their investments.

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We also provide intense security to all members of the public at very affordable rates, as well as trained bouncers for your events.

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Factory and Foods

Order your items from our online store and have it delivered to your home and we're open for distribution partnerships.

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We now have a fully-built shopping mall where you can walk in and purchase any of your Famzhi farm and factory items.

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Real Estate

We encourage members of the public to become homeowners by outright purchase of houses or spread payments over time.

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Microfinance Bank

We provide all of your banking needs. This includes savings to interbank instant transfers to loans and lots more.

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our customers love us

Famzhi is unique and is doing well. Famzhi is just 4 years old and is
already doing well. It gives you an opportunity to nurture your investment
~ Geraldine Okoye (Famzhi Investor)