Famzhi Agro Capital and Investment Limited

Famzhi Agro Capital and Investment is one of the world largest growing farms with special focus on the fishery, poultry, sanely and animal husbandry. Our farm's environment is conducive and our technical partners and professionals are always on the ground to address any concern. The staff is well trained with some even, residents on the farm.

1. Famzhi forms are obtained at NO-COST for new investors with a minimum capital of #100,000.00. A one-off 1% and above referral bonus is given by the company to all referrals.

2. Famzhi invites investors to invest to earn a 1% and above monthly profit on investment.

3. We give investors the benefit of collecting their rewards in the form of livestock.

4. We allow investors to upgrade their investments on the actual date of first investment.

5. Investors may operate more than one account (for children's schools' fees, relatives and wives)

6. Investors MUST give a one-month notice for part or full withdrawal of capital.

7. Famzhi retains a percentage of investors (profit) when investors clock one year with the system for social responsibility.

8. As an investor, Famzhi considers you for an automatic loan of 70% when the terms and conditions governing the loan are met, interest-free.

9. Famzhi Interbiz Limited holds her general annual leave in November of every year, this is to give enough room to plan the annual conference, reviews, maintenance and audit purposes.

10. In the event of death (God forbids), the company contacts the next of kin as obtained in the registration form, it is therefore imperative that investor fill accurate details and when changes on the next of kind's details change, please contact the office with current details.

Account Details:
Name: Famzhi Interbiz Limited
Bank: FCMB
Account Number: 4242858013
Contact Number: 08180855529, 08172795555 (WhatsApp only)

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